Turn any thermostat into a smart thermostat with this IoT attachment. With M. O'Brien, J. Jordan, and N. Morse

Project By: Tanmay Agarwal, Mitchell O’Brien, Jace Jordan, and Nick Morse

While smart home devices have allowed people access to more convenience in their homes, those whose apartments have older appliances installed struggle to upgrade and take advantage of these options. A renter for instance cannot pull out the thermostat in their apartment to replace with a smart one.

We address this problem by developing an attachment that can be easily slipped on top of an existing thermostat. The cloud-enabled device can be controlled from your smartphone and essentially pushed the buttons of the thermostat on your instructions. A few features we programmed are:

  • **Direct Temperature Setting:** Instantaneously set the temperature as you desire
  • **Time Based Temperature Setting:** Set the temperature to go to a specific value after a specified time interval. For instance, "Go to 70 degrees 10 minutes from now."
  • **Temperature Scheduling:** Change the temperature at regular intervals until you reach a specified value. For instance, "Decrease the temperature by a degree every 5 minutes until you reach 65."

Watch the demo here: